About Us

Phantom nightclub is one of the most luxurious nightclub in the centre of Nigeria’s commercial capital, Lagos. It is situated opposite Ikeja City Mall’s entrance, overlooking the Governor’s office, Alausa.

Phantom is a social hub for the more discerning and high net worth ballers, it is an elegant and spacious nightclub, with plush leather seating, posh ambience, first of its kind lightings, sound system, exclusive VIP & VVIP areas and dance floor that collectively holds up to 350 people.

It is set over two floors with two bars (Top floor & Penthouse) and it’s talented pool of Deejays and Bunnies entertain guests sporadically all night with amazing turntable display and exquisite champagne service. At Phantom it is more than just a night out.

You kick start your night on the pent house lounge where exotic cocktails are served with assorted grills by expert mixologist and internationally trained chefs before moving into the nightclub on the top floor.

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